So you want change? How much change do you want? Do you want just a little pocket change or enough change to make a big difference in your life and the lives of others?

Life is about relationships, nothing more and nothing less. How much have your bad relationships cost you? How much value have your bad relationships added to your life? Think seriously about this question.

How much value have your good relationships cost you? How much value have your good relationships added to your life?

If you have read to this point, plan on investing/giving at least 3-5 more minutes of your time to understanding the value of all relationships both good and bad.

I define a relationship as an emotional connection between a person/self and anything else. There are a few key areas that seem to encompass all else. (Do I want to create sub-headings under each one…? Yes I think I need to spell it out very clearly. IE 1.Self = weight, drugs, sex, addictions, stress, insecurities etc…not a pretty list)

  1.   Self
  2.   Others
  3.   Spirituality/God/Higher power…whatever you wish to call it…something outside, greater than self
  4.   Time
  5.   Money

How much value have you added to any relationship? We either give or we take, it is that simple, if we give we add value, we keep the value as it is or should be or we increase that value by the value or price we pay. If we take we are like a leach a parasite. There can be symbiotic relationships like this but most do not end well.

I cannot promise what you will learn because I do not know how bad you want to have better relationships with self and others etc. What I can promise is the tools and knowledge to learn…

Here is what you will learn and more:

About “Addictions” and “Habits” and both “Good” and “Bad” (by the way there is no such thing.)

You will learn about the subconscious and how to work with it not against it. You will learn about the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome and how to overcome it.

You will learn how to improve any relationship.

You will learn how to use the following tools:

  1. Hypnosis
  2. Guided imagery
  3. Meditation
  4. Dreams. Yes dreams, what kind of relationship do you have with your dreams? Do you allow them to add value to your life?
  5. Prayer
  6. The conscious mind (The Key)
  7. The subconscious mind (The Lock)
  8. Adversity
  9. Words
  10. Truth
  11. Thoughts
  12. Emotions
  13. The art/law of the question
  14. The law of the statement
  15. And much more!

Why do I call these tools? What else could they be called? They could be called processes or even principles… Any tool or process or principle is only as good as the user, how good are you at using these tools right now? How do you see using these tools the proper way?  Can you add greater value to your own life and to the lives of others by using these tools? What are tools used for and why do they exist? They simply exist to make life easier, not harder. Name one tool that is designed to make things harder to accomplish. When these tools are understood life will become easier, but this is not to say that you will not have any problems.  You will be able to handle problems or situations better, with better tools!

I mentioned above that “Any tool or process or principle is only as good as the user”. Think about any tool you have used that you did not know how to use very well, it probably did not go very well and it may have been easier in that moment to not use it. You had to learn how to use the tool and now most likely you can’t live without it.

You will learn how important opposition in all things or opposing forces really are in your life! When you only know one side of the fence you cannot know or see the whole picture.

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