If you are ready to take control of your life, you have come to the right place. Everything you SEE, THINK, FEEL and DO creates emotions and perceptions which create RELATIONSHIPS. Every perceived problem like, people, money, time, weight etc has the same foundation. When you start to become aware (which is a level of understanding, they go hand in hand) and use these foundational principles, (which is wisdom) then you have the keys to unlock any problem! Your levels of PEACE, accomplishment or performance will be greater then ever before and possibly more than you ever imagined!

“RE” means “again-anew” or back. The point I want to make is to help people get “back” or start “anew” with the way they see, think, feel, and do to be conscious of every relationship every connection they have. Which will completely turn their life around greater then they ever imagined!


There is such a thing as a right/correct question as compared to the wrong or dumb question and through experience there is almost always a more correct question to ask, even a wrong question is important because that can be the start of the journey. Any question is better then no question at all. The question can be a great tool specifically in contrast to the statement. Once you have asked the questions then you have a greater ability to act and decide and not react = (A.R. See A.R. section) and move forward. An example that works very well is when surfing the internet; if you don’t type in the right word or phrase you will get the info back that relates to the data or words (key word search) put in the search engine and you may not find what you are looking for. If you stay the course you will learn the right wording and you will be able to ask a more direct question and get better answers. Parenting also comes to mind. Have you ever asked your child, Why they did what they did and you get an answer like, “I don’t know”, or any number of answers that you did not want to hear or that did not make sense? The point is your question was wrong. If you are a parent you most likely know what I am talking about. If you are not yet (thanks for reading) you will.

In science, time has shown that the questions they ask are wrong at times which develop wrong scientific fact or simply wrong answers = (the world is flat; the list goes on and on). Science is constantly changing due to better questions, receiving better answers. Wrong questions produce wrong answers or simply wrong statements. These ideas and principles will help you in your quest. As within science or any quest, the questions you ask are critical. If the foundation you have built, is not built on truth, it will not be a solid foundation and will not and cannot last!

Is this system the Holy Grail? Maybe for some.