Interesting title! Huh? This part of our humanity, this part of our emotional state is a reality that we some times would apparently like forget. We at times do not want to show that side of our innate reality.

I decided to make this post because of my own experiences as well as the reality of this core part of who and what we are, EMOTIONAL BEINGS! Here are a couple videos that I would encourage you to watch and be very mindful of your emotional state.

I saw these two videos in this order and both brought tears to my eyes. I decided to make not just a post of my experience but I have made a page of videos that have actually brought tears to my eyes. I may not do all of them because there would be many but I will post videos that make an impact on me. Speaking of “impact”…what an intriguing word. I like the emotions that I feel when movies or videos cause me to react with positive tears! I like that state, I like the way it feels and I have learned years ago to not fight the A.R. of that strong of an emotion(s) to want to come out in the form of tears.

We all have situations that cause an emotional “IMPACT”! These outside experiences “Impact” us to such a degree that the Impact literally “moves” us. There is no choice in this process at all! In fact the reason why I stated that this is a part of our humanity that we sometimes would like to forget is because so often we hide our emotions, we want to hide our tears. We hide in shame or cover our mouths or if we are in public we will sometimes apologize for that part of our humanity!

Why do we do this, say I am sorry for having such a wonderful emotional experience that we say “sorry” Why do we cover our mouths…? In the future watch for peoples reactions either an audience or the person(s) performing or being watched…

By the way…in my opinion when we dry like that we are having actually a spiritual experience and for many this is a rare gift because we tend to turn that side of our selves off. Remember the questions in the previous paragraph and feel free to share, your experiences.

By the way here is one more that really pushed my buttons big time. Watch his body language at the end when the Host is asking him questions…

PS. The above video could help but make me recall Melanie Amaro’s version of the same some. I was so blown away and amazed and even now, not sure how many times I have seen this it still brought a single tear down my left cheek!