I developed www.Re-lationships.com (Which is now www.RelationshipsSuccessNetwork.com back on September 26 2004, WOW how time flies and what a journey! I made that website as a way to promote my book and give people access to it. I chose that domain name because I knew at the time as I was writing my book and making that website that everything in life was about relationships, the way we “relate” or interact or SEE, THINK, FEEL and BELIEVE about LIFE and SELF and OTHERS and SPIRITUALITY (or not) and TIME and MONEY which pretty much encompasses basically everything.

There is a connection in one way or another that we all have with almost all things. We are far more connected then we think. When I chose the name of my website I had to have the name “Relationships” in one way or another. Even choosing the hyphen ended up being a good choice. The prefix “Re” means “again” or “anew” and any relationship can begin “again” or start “anew”.

Now almost 10 years later I have an entire system to help people with their RE-LATIONSHIPS. That site now is not just about my book as it has been for the past 10 years but it sets the foundation, it is about the process of implementing what the book is all about. The site is a social membership site. It allows for people to become members and interact with each other in ways that will help them to learn and grow as they improve whatever relationship they want. Below is a list of what you will experience!

  1. Your Own Blog: Write what you want. Write about your new relationships and experiences. Make them public or keep them private!
  2. Groups: Join or create a group of  like minded people to be able to support and share…
  3. Live chat: You can chat in your own groups or across the site if you wish.
  4. Weekly teleconferences: We will talk about specific topics related to the Book, specifically about A.R.
  5. Email Support: Email me. I may have to restrict replies to the Teleconference due to volume of emails.
  6. Forums: Open up new topics or reply to an existing forum.
  7. Much more! There will be much more added specifically in the area of producing extra income…

Members will be able to chat with each other and join groups (addiction, parenting, or any group that a person would like to start) and have their own blogs that relate to this journey they are on.

My website www.Tyce.Info is designed to help people become familiar with my work and book. If they like what they see then they will want to join. I figure that I can do much more good with this “membership” concept and help far more people and it will cost them much less for monthly access than it would for even one consulting session = 65.00 a session. The entire monthly subscription is 50.00.

I do weekly webinars or teliseminars with a dedicated topic and then assignments. Email support is also a part of this membership, need help and have a quick question send it my way.