HI every one, my name is Tyce Ferwerda.

I am the author of the Book Titled “Increasing your capacity to love”. Now, some of you may be thinking, “what is a “GUY” doing writing a book like that? Well, I will tell you. As a Father of 8, 4 boys and 4 girls, ranging in ages at the time of this edition are, 10 years old to almost 25, I have had my own ups and downs in life. Knowing that my family has experienced both those “ups and downs”, I knew that something had to change, AND THE CHANGE HAD TO BE ME. Back in around 2002 I started to be curious about the concept and process of Choice, and freewill. 18 years later I am still on that curiosity road. My background and credentials are first and foremost, I am someone who cares. One of my passions are what make people tick? I read, study and learn about people from as many angles as I can. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to waste your time, but as far as my credentials if they matter, I am a certified NLP” Master Practitioner, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist.

This book is not about Hypnosis but it is about trance. Personal trance is most likely nothing that you have ever considered before. People generally consider “trance” and “hypnosis” basically as the same thing and from the hypnosis side of the fence they basically are or can be. I am not coming from that position in this book. I am however coming from the position that most if not all of us are in one form of the trance state or another 24/7/365. Hopefully these comments are creating enough intrigue for you to read on, study, experience and you will hopefully understand. 

I will let the book go into detail about my own changes and experiences and what I have been working on for the past 18 plus years and the roads I have been on, the overall journey I have been on. The idea of Increasing your capacity to love implies that we all have a capacity we are the vessel and we need to find and fill the vessel, the reservoir that has unlimited capacity and potential and when it is increased then we have more to give. The book started out as I became aware of the choices we either have or don’t have and the decisions we make or that life makes for us. I started to be aware of the power that we have that comes from the ability to simply make decisions, more on this later. I started to wander down this road and this book is a result and gift of these many years of working on becoming a better Person, Husband, Father, Friend, Employee, Entrepreneur, becoming more aware of the possibilities and not being afraid of who and what I really am, which by the way, I am discovering more and more every day. Discovering my own capacity, my own capabilities, my own potential.

What a wonderful journey it has been so far and it is far from over. Have I discovered the/a secret of life…..? Well for me, I think so and now it’s all about the application of this discovery. Knowledge is worthless without the experience to support it.  The phrase “Knowledge is power” is actually not true. Knowledge is only Potential Power. If you never experience, then you can never, truly know or understand. There are times in life, that we should not have to experience certain things and we will discuss this later. My point is that with whatever experience we have, we can make the best of it and use it for a growing experience. My hope, would be that we can work together and help you experience your own “secrets to life” that can only be understood by the actual experience, by you.

There are certain things that cannot be described adequately enough by words only, only through experience can there be true and better understanding. If you have ever been speechless or had a hard time coming up with the right words to say, then this is what I am trying to say. I have had many wonderful life changing events and these are shared in my book and together we can help you have similar if not more profound and meaningful experiences, for your own life and ultimately, positively, influencing and helping others.

 I will give a word of caution….….this is not for everybody (although it really is), people have to be ready, which may mean they have hit bottom and they are ready to bounce back. They may be sick and tired of being sick and tired, or have maybe bounced off the bottom and are looking for the next part of their journey, their meaning and purpose. So unless you are ready and not willing to quit, then I look forward to hearing from you. Even if you don’t feel that you may be ready to SEE, THINK AND FEEL DIFFERENTLY YET, DON’T GIVE UP ON THE JOURNEY. 

CHANGE for the positive, towards the positive, is like moving towards the light, it TAKES PLACE ONLY WHEN YOU SEE, THINK AND FEEL DIFFERENTLY, knowing where the light is. moving out of the darkness.

If you want change (not just pennies but priceless worth) in your life, then you have to change, kinda like changing clothes. THAT HOWEVER, IS JUST THE SURFACE; you have to “change your mind’ (the inner being) so to speak. It is simple to talk about but to put the ideas and principles or laws (and most of the time people don’t even know what LAWS GOVERN THEM) in place and develop new patterns AND NEW LAWS takes time, awareness and practice. It takes desire and seeing the right direction, the right way and to stop going down the wrong road. Sometimes we may not even know we have been going down the wrong road until we turn around and see it for what it was. If you truly want to change, then you have to change and the only way you can change, is by the simple process of seeing things differently. From experience, if you want to know the truth and you do nothing else with this website, other than what I am about to say, I WILL GIVE YOU THE ANSWERS TO YOUR PROBLEMS (now). Working with many people and from my own experience, your problems are on one side of the fence and the answers are on the other side. To put this another way, if you have a problem and if you could visualize or see a line then on the left is the problem and on the right is the answer.


The opportunity, NOW BEFORE YOU, is to be able to see clearly enough, the other side, find the answer(s) and that is where people, at times, need a little AND SOMETIMES A LOT OF help. To put it another way any problems solution is 180 degrees opposite.

Some of the different approaches or tools I may use may be Hypnosis, or Guided Imagery, Meditation or even Prayer. These tools help people work through their own problems which equal opportunities. 


Thanks for taking the time to read and ponder.