Whatever you need help with (and you are willing to change) then I am confident I can help! Read below and hopefully you have invested a little of your time into reading this website, to get a feel for what I can do to help. Thanks!


Most of the work that I do in helping people is over the phone. Working this way makes it very convenient for working around your schedule. There are times when being somewhat anonymous helps as well. The sessions are not a fixed hour, I try to be flexible, based on what is happening and needed in the moment. They may range from one to two hours.  If people need more time and I have the time, we will use what we need to, to have accomplished the desired outcome at that time. Sometimes what we think we want is not the solution at that time, but it is a solution regardless.I am not your typical counselor, consultant, coach, guide, teacher… There are times when we are chatting, (could be interpreted as being rude) that I will stop the conversation and address what it is that I am hearing. I want to capture that moment of discussion. When most people talk they are unaware of what it is that they are talking about even though they are saying what they are saying. I want to capture that moment and bring them into the present. Most people live in the past so they can barely have a future let alone the GIFT OF THE PRESENTTHE GIFT OF THE PRESENT IS WHAT WE ALL DESIRE. If one is controlled by their past, living in the “gift of the present” is not possible. If we are not in the present, we also cannot have a future, since the future for most of us represents the unknown which simply equals FEAR.WE WILL DO ANYTHING TO AVOID THE PAINFUL, THE UNCOMFORTABLE, THE PERCEIVED SUFFERING. When we enter in to the unknown it is uncomfortable which is what we fear. The may also be some of the greatest triumphs over self that we may ever have, if we are willing to enter the TRUTH.To make sense out of our world we make everything BLACK AND WHITE. We make things (to us) make sense. There is a problem with this and that problem is there is very little BLACK AND WHITE. The black and white is not black and white at all but typically GREY. The absolutes of the black and white are a part of what create our problems. This is what we will do when we chat and discover the prison of what we think is real and what we think are black and white. This discovery will be extremely liberating.

There are specific tools that I use to help. Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Meditation, Prayer are all tools that I use in order to help create new TRUTHS and new realities since the old realities or simply BELIEFS or what we think is TRUE, are not working. This may be uncomfortable for people but that is OK. It is more uncomfortable to be stuck where we are! So you have a choice, you can stay where you are = stuck or you can, ENTER THE POSSIBILITIES OF POTENTIAL AND CAPACITY OF THE UNKNOWN = TRUTH.

Truth is another tool that I use in order to help people. Depending on your vantage point truth is very Subjective or Objective. These places of subjective or objective truth can also be the black and white that we either created for ourselves to make sense out of what we have experienced at that time the black and white was created, or it was created by someone else and we adopted it as our own.

Below you will find an example of what I mean regarding truth and how it can be subjective or objective.

The Cup.

“It is always about the cup, it’s not about, “if the cup is half full or empty,” it is about judgment and looking at the cup that only has liquid in it. There is no right or wrong, it is just liquid. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong, it is about the observation as to what is true = it is just liquid.”

The idea of linear has to do with vantage point, seeing things; the cup is simply, what do you see, how do you see, what do you want to see?

Half full or half empty is just an opinion, strictly subject to ones own beliefs that are not right or wrong, it is just opinion based on the premise that if it is half empty, it has been said that that person is negative or pessimistic. If the person see’s it as half full, they are said to be optimistic. although these concepts may be a good representation of the individual, the observation of “half full” or “half empty” is still opinion and subject to debate. 

On the other side of the fence, there are certain undeniable facts that cannot be debated. The facts are, there is water and the water is in a cup. We can look beyond what we think is real and the emotional connection to our opinion and find truth. I could say more on this but I have said enough. 

Other tools I use are, ANALOGY, METAPHOR, STORIES AND PARABLES. These concepts help create a place of observation from a safe place. I call it the observation deck or simply Vantage Point. The observation deck allows for safety in viewing whatever may be potentially harmful for the individual. the observation deck creates power and safety that one may have never had in their life up to that point. That power and safety is liberation!

I have had many experiences when someone was telling me a belief or a thought or a feeling and I knew it was not their belief etc (They are observing and experiencing not from the observation deck or a safe place). I simply asked, “are those your beliefs, feelings etc or do they belong someone else”? I have also experienced this personally.

It has been said that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOUR FREE”. Freedom/liberation is what we crave but since the “truth hurts” and sometimes and sometimes Truth “cuts like a knife”, we would rather be justified in our own misery, or own pain or illusions that have been created either by us or someone/something else. We seek our own justice to justify what it is that we don’t want. If “the truth shall set you free”, then we are looking for that freedom but most of us don’t know how. We are looking for what it is that we want to be freed from and that is what this journey called life is all about. 

In the process of discovery what is going on in the Conscious mind Vs what is going on in the Subconscious can be very different, this is why I reference the idea or concept of Jekyll and Hyde. Every person at one point of their life has referenced something like “A part of me…” or “on one hand…”, if you have more than two “other hands” than that may need to be looked at. There are parts of us that we like and there are parts of us that we do not like, the goal is to find the truth. We may be uncomfortable with this reality but nevertheless, this concept is real. Even making reference to the conscious mind and subconscious mind or states implies or states a duality. If we believe in various levels of spirituality then we have in us a spiritual being as well as our physical being…Even if we don’t believe this that is OK However the evidence of such is overwhelmingly supportive that we are more than just physical beings…

When I work with people this is just a snapshot of what I do. I hope this makes sense, if not that is OK. Get my book and start your own journey of discovery.

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