I sometimes think that I may have a form of ADD or ADHD, but I have no interest in going to find out, (regardless if there is treatment) because I do not want to classify myself into a label; a very small box. If I care enough about making changes, I am going to do it on my own and not take drugs for something that is probably normal (for me.) If change is going to take place, it will be by a conscious effort to change. It is wise to be careful and very much aware of the conscious and subconscious labels that people tend to place on themselves and others, specifically children and co-workers (regardless of their position, whether a subordinate or a manager.) Labels are potentially very dangerous. If a parent has a child that they label, “shy,” “hyper,” “stupid,” “ADD,” “a challenging kid,” “strong willed,” “a teenager,” etc., etc., then the parent, as well as the child, will buy into that label from that point on. The child doesn’t know any better, and they will live up to the label which comes with expectations. The parent will treat the child accordingly, without much thought, almost always going into automatic response.