(02/09/03) I have written so much, and it just occurred to me that one of the missing elements to all of these concepts and topics is the process of JUDGMENT. The concept of judgment is all around us; we constantly judge, and we are constantly being judged. The ironic thing about this is that we are commanded to not judge; but if we are going to judge, we need to do it righteously. “Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (The New Testament, John 7: 24) There is a very close relationship between judgment and assumption.

When we “assume” something, or judge something, we create a new reality within that judgment. We believe the judgment/assumption as a truth. Do we have all the facts to create a proper judgment or assumption? Most of the time: No. We judge to create a reality that makes sense to us, or we find any other reason to pass judgment. We fill in the missing pieces, or at least something that we can relate to, and then we believe that judgment/assumption. Inner Dialogue is a foundation for judgment/assumption. You cannot make a judgment/assumption without Inner Dialogue. All three of these processes working together (Inner Dialogue, Judgment, and Assumptions) also develop an emotional state.