As mentioned I have been working on this project or journey since 2003 and actually Longer. It did not take much for me to figure out the title of this book when looking at all the stuff (cool word) I was learning. Every single big revelation and epiphany simply brought me to this realization. The realization that I am going to be a better person then the only thing that mattered was to learn to love more, to increase my capacity to Love!

We all have a capacity right now without improving anything or increasing anything, so the question is how much is that capacity. How much can we give and how much can we take in? If we cannot take much in then how much can we actually give?

I have seriously considered changing the name for different reasons and sadly even in my A.R’s I have been a little hesitant in telling people the name but not any more. If I do anything with the name as in a possible change the main name will always stay but there will be an add on to it.

Thanks you for reading!

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