(02/09/03) There are times when I write about a topic that the close relationship between the stories and ideas make it difficult to decide what topic/section they should be placed in, such as the following story. I was eating my breakfast this morning; my oldest made pancakes. I was sitting by my baby boy, and he was on his second bowl of cereal. (He is two years old, and he poured more cereal all by himself into the bowl.) At that time, my mind had some quick flashes of old Automatic Responses like, “You have had enough,” but I didn’t say anything. He asked me for some milk, and another quick flash of old Automatic Response programming flashed through. I thought, “You have had enough,” or something like that. There is an important concept I need to mention at this point. When these flashes of old responses happen to me, it is not just thought, it is much more. It is like a movie is going on in my head, in fractions of a second, and it is as if I am watching myself interact with my children.