(01/18/03) Forgiveness is one of the ultimate ways to focus on the relationship with self and others.

(01/24/03) What is, or is there a relationship between Inner Dialogue and forgiveness?

(02/01/03) Talk about the relationship between A.R. and choices we make or can make.

(02/19/03) For most people, the idea of forgiveness is not very prevalent in their minds because they are stuck in A.R. Why do I say this? Most people take things personally; they judge people and situations and then allow themselves to get hurt (as mentioned in the “JUDGMENT” section.) If someone makes the statement, “You hurt me,” or “You made me mad,” or a number of statements like this, these statements are not true and very disowning. This means that they are giving their ability to make choices to someone else, and then that someone else is in control of them. So, know that the person’s Inner Dialogue goes wild, and they start to believe all the things that they are saying to themselves, which fuels the fire that is already burning inside.