(02/10/03) It dawned (what a cool word) on me today while talking to my wife that one of the critical elements missing so far in this book is faith and spirituality. The reason spirituality is important, whether you are religious or not, is because the fact (truth) remains that we are spiritual beings. As you continue to read, you will understand. Spirituality, as I see it, is an appropriate word for what I am about to write. We are more than this physical stuff we are made of. Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, I can state absolutely that there are things we do that can be categorized as spiritual acts. Spirituality produces acts of light. Lack of spirituality produces acts of darkness. Understand, there is no black and white here; we are all at different levels of spirituality, or different levels of light and knowledge. I will attempt to define some of what I call “acts of spirituality,” starting off with some basic foundational acts.

Smiling; Crying; Empathy; Compassion; Service; Patience; Gratitude; Faith; Charity; Humility; Honesty; Being Happy.