(01/24/03) Our programming, our beliefs, and our emotions (consciously and subconsciously) are what bind us to our past, which controls the outcome of our future. Another aspect of our programming is our inner dialogue. Our inner dialogue is not just what we say to ourselves or the things we think about. It is literally a dialogue with self or possibly others, with emotion. This is why I call it “inner dialogue.” Addictions, phobias, habits, etc. are programmed into our conscious and subconscious states, reinforced by every emotional attachment to the event or relationship, which literally creates a connection. If someone has a habit or addiction, one of the defeating inner dialogue automatic responses may be: “Oh, one more won’t matter,” or “I’m just going to fail anyway, so why try?” This last comment, and so many more like it, can be just as damaging as any kind of addiction/dependency. These comments of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and low self worth are as potentially damaging as any chemically dependent situation. They both create fear. They both destroy progress (or our potential and opportunity of looking to the future and being confident about doing great things, no matter how big or small = POWER).