There is no such thing!!!!!!!!!!! Construct means to build and the root of criticism is critic, and to criticize is to tear down, and is the opposite of building up. The truth is, when we think we are helping the other person with constructive criticism, most likely we are not; it is a lie. Take the time to think about why this is a lie. (Unless the relationship is such that both people understand each other and are on the same level of understanding and acceptance, all you will ever have is constructive criticism. If you do have understanding and acceptance, this could also be called: proper frequency, resonance, entrainment.) In the past I used to think I was trying to help my wife and others, but I was only hurting them. This is making the judgment or assessment that it is our place or duty to correct. Is there any other way that we can work with someone to help him or her develop? I can think of at least three situations where it would be our duty that could definitely apply: